NHS-eClass is a bespoke classification system for products and services, owned by the English NHS. The purpose of NHS-eClass is to facilitate the accurate analysis of expenditure. NHS-eClass was operated for the English NHS by NHS PASA but is now administered by NHS Shared Business Services.


    The NHS eClass Review Group have now completed the process to review the current version of the NHS eClass Coding. The review group have considered all suggestions for either new codes, or amendments to existing codes that have been submitted over the last few months. The new NHS eClass Version 2014 is now available for release and will come into effect from 1st April 2014.

    A link to download the new eClass Version 2014 can be found further down this page.

    Please ensure stakeholders for Procurement and Finance in your organisation are aware of the new coding structure, and take any necessary steps to update your systems and documentation to meet this change, or inform your service providers to carry out the required updates.


    Browse NHS-eClass eClass 2014 v3.1 version , valid from 06/03/2018 15:10:27.


    Download NHS-eClass eClass 2014 v3.1 version in Microsoft Excel Format (XLS).

    Download NHS-eClass eClass S2 version in Microsoft Excel Format (XLS).

    Requests For Changes

    Requests for NHS eClass changes can be forwarded to the review group by emailing sbs.eclasscodes@nhs.net.

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