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Previous Versions

Code Description Version
eClass eClass eClass S2
eClass eClass eClass S3
eClass eClass eClass 2014 v1
eClass eClass eClass 2014 v2

NHS-eClass Version : eClass 2014 v3.1

Code Description Keywords Comments
A Provisions
B Staff Clothing
C Patients Clothing & Footwear
D Pharmaceuticals Blood Products & Medical Gases
E Dressings
F Medical & Surgical Equipment
G Patients Appliances
H Chemicals & Reagents
I Dental & Optical Equipment
J Diagnostic Imaging & Radiotherapy Equipment & Services
K Laboratory Equipment & Services
L Fuel Light Power Water
M Hotel Services Equipment Materials & Services
P Building & Engineering Products & Services
R Purchased Healthcare new code
S Gardening & Farming
T Furniture Fittings
U Hardware Crockery
V Bedding Linen & Textiles
W Office Equipment Telecomms Computers & Stationery
X Transportation
Y Recreational Equipment & Souvenirs
Z Staff & Patient Consulting Services & Expenses

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